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Dakeng Lovers Bridge

Posted Date:2017/03/21 1733


Dakeng Lovers Bridge is a new scenic spot situated at the intersection of Sec.1, Xiangshun East Road and Jingxian Road. The pink cable-stayed bridge comprises dozens of cables, greeting visitors in a warm and romantic sense. Instead of frigid cement, the bridge surface is made of glass reflective of the gorgeous bridge view entirely, attracting numerous visitors with its innovative design.
Dakeng Lovers Bridge is gorgeous in its own way no matter in daylight or starry nights. It feels like the strong arms of our lovers up-close and resembles the curved eyebrows of our lovers when they smile. At night, the reflection of the bridge itself in the glass surface forms an enormous heart shape with the bridge structure, secretly conveying love messages for the ones in love. 


Xiang Shun East Road and Jing Yin Road, Beitun Dist., Taichung City

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  • 103陳x中e

    Trip Type:

    獨特造型 ~引人注目…

    4 2017-10

    情人橋~橫跨旱溪二側… 遠觀~像巨型的豎琴造型、透明的強化玻璃的橋面、夜間有燈光投射、燈光的變化~五彩眩耀、幻化無窮~景色浪漫迷人… 非常適合戀愛中的男女前來…
  • Connie W

    Trip Type:


    橋 + 橋 + 橋 + 橋

    3 2018-01

    我地由大坑紙箱王國行到情人橋, 大約步行30分鐘, 由零變見到橋到大坑清新橋+藍天白雲橋+浪漫情人橋+新桃花源橋, 4條橋各有特色, 每條橋嘅距離約步行10分鐘, 但也值得到此拍照留念,
  • c y

    Trip Type:


    4 2017-12

    我地去完屯區藝文中心大約步行20分鐘過黎,接近黃昏時間,橋已亮燈,影相係幾靚的。 不過呢邊交通唔算好方便,最好安排多幾個點喺附近,否則光影條橋可能都係十零分鐘嘅事。
  • Charlie C

    Trip Type:



    4 2017-06

    情人橋位於未來豪宅區一帶,左邊是馬路,右邊有乾河。情侶於此拍照,會頗具浪漫氣色的。但當天烈日當空,男友用大機拍下幾張得意之作就趕快離開了。 若非包車遊覽台中各景點:新社薰衣草森林、新社莊園、心之芳庭、情人橋、高美濕地,大概不會自己跑去那裡呢。
  • 員林

    Trip Type:

    Friends getaway


    3 2016-10

    這是一個純拍照的景點,附近並無其他景點,商家也很稀少,但若是居住在附近的居民, 應該十分喜歡在夜晚可以悠閒的散步,若是遊客就比較失望了

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