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Taichung Tourism


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Taichung Midtown Bus Loop

Taichung Midtown Bus Loop

Route introduction:

"Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Taichung Midtown Bus Loop” connects the most famous attractions in the central area of Taichung.

There are many historical sites, internet hotspots, shopping districts and marketplaces, cultural exhibition halls, parks and squares that are worth exploring along the route. There are 38 stations and each area has its own characteristics. Nearby attractions include Old Taichung Railway Station, Taichung Prefectural Hall, Dadun Cultural Center, Art Museum Parkway, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Shen Ji New Village, Calligraphy Greenway, National Museum Of Natural Science, Chungshan Hall, Yizhong Shopping District, Taichung Park, Empire Sugar Factory , etc. Welcome aboard, and enjoy your journey.

Taichung Midtown Bus Loop information

Taichung Midtown Bus Loop information

Ticket information: You can pay tickets by Easy Wallet、iPASS MONEY or iCash pay

Departure timetable:

Refer to the departure timetable, or search for Taichung bus information 【11】Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Taichung Midtown Bus Loop.

Introduction to the attractions

Introduction to the attractions



A1   Left Loop:Taichung Station(Chenggong Intersection)

Right Loop: Taichung Station(Minzu Intersection)

Luchuan Canal Waterfront Corridor、(Formerly)Miyahara Eye ClinicASEAN PlazaTaiwan Museum of Suncake

A2  Minquan-Jiguang IntersectionJiguang Street Shopping District(Formerly)The Fourth Credit Cooperation
A3  Taichung Prefectural HallTaichung Shiyakusho(Formerly Taichung City Office)
A4  Taichung HospitalLiuchuan Canal Waterfront
A5  Minquan-Zhonghua IntersectionChung Hua Night Market
A6  National Taichung University of EducationNational Taichung University of Education
A7   Wuquan-Mingsheng IntersectionNational Taichung University of Education
A8   Wuquan-Zili IntersectionMeichuan Canal
A9  Dadun Cultural Center(Wuquan Rd.)Dadun Cultural Center
A10  Wuquan-Wulang IntersectionAnimation Painted Alley
A11  Meishu Parkway(Wuquan 5th St.)Art Museum Parkway
A12 Meicun-Wuquan 5th Intersection
     (Stop for Left Bus Loop only)
Art Museum Parkway
A13  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts(Meicun Rd.)National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
A14  Siang Shang Junior High SchoolShen Ji New Village(Cultural and Creative Area)
A15  Meicun-Xiangshang IntersectionFantasystory_Green Ray(Cultural and Creative Area)
A16 Meicun-Xiangshang N. IntersectionSiang Shang Market
A17  Meicun-Gongyi IntersectionGongyi Road Shopping District
A18 Calligraphy Greenway(Citizens Square)Park Lane by CMP

A19 Left Loop:Science Museum(Jianxing Rd.)

Right Loop:Science Museum(Taiwan Boulevard)

Sixth market
A20  Chungming Senior High SchoolNational Museum of Natural Science
A21 Botanical Garden(Xitun Rd.)National Museum of Natural Science(Botanical Garden)
A22 Xitun-Yingcai Intersection
A23 Yingcai-Minquan IntersectionYingcai park
A24 Duxing Elementary School Duxing Elementary School
A25 Wuquan Junior High School Wuquan Junior High School
A26 Chungshan HallChungshan Hall
A27 Wuquan-Xueshi IntersectionChung-Yo department store
A28 Juguang CommunityYI-XIN Public Retail Market、Taichung Confucius Temple
A29 Taiwan University of Sport-Stadium(Formerly)Taichung Broadcasting Bureau
A30  Taichung First Senior High SchoolYizhong Shopping District
A31 Taiwan University of Sport-Swimming PoolTaichung Park
A32 Taichung Park(Shuangshi Rd.)
      (Stop for Right Bus Loop only)
Taichung Park
A33  Parking Tower(Ziyou Rd.)Shinysun OUTLET
A34 Ziyou-Futai E. IntersectionFutai New Village
A35  Ziyou-Jinde IntersectionTaichung Bowling Greens
A36  Showtime Plaza
      (Stop for Left Bus Loop only)
Showtime Live Taichung Station Store 、Taichung Fourth Public Retail Market
A37  Showtime Cinemas(Formerly)Empire Sugar Factory Taichung Sales Office
A38 Taichung Hero HouseTaichung Hero House

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Discount for travel proof

Discount for travel proof

We offer special privilege to Taichung Midtown Bus passengers.
Terms and conditions:
1. Please scan the QR code to get travel proof and take a screenshot.
2. Please present the travel proof before payment, photocopy isn’t acceptable.
3. The offer accepted at Taichung Midtown Bus Loop appointed shops only.

Appointed Shop of travel proof

Information of smile package

Information of smile package

Service line:Wang Yao Management Consulting Company +886-4-27019757

Service time:Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00;

Service Hotline

Service Hotline

Service Hotline

Taichung 1999 Service Hotline

Tourism Bureau 24-hour call center for visitor’s information +886 800-011-765

Taiwan Railway Taichung Station Visitor Information Center +886 4-2221-2126

HSR Taichung Station Visitor Information Center +886 4-3600-6646

Taichung Bus Customer Hotline +886 800-800-126

Fengyuan Bus Customer Hotline +886 800-034-175

Chuan Hang Tourism Customer Hotline +886 800-068-168

YouBike2.0 Hotline +886 4-2369-6922

Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau +886 4-2527-0746

Wang Yao Management Consulting Company +886 4-2701-9757



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