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Taichung Tourism


Coast Line

Go sight-seeing along the coast line

Taichung’s coast line consists of Daan, Dajia, Waipu, Shalu, Qingshui, Wuqi, Longjing and Dadu districts. Every district is full of its local characteristics and unique charms. For example, Daan Beach Park Marina, which is known as the ocean resort; Dajia Jenn Lann Temple that has numerous believers; Tiezhen Mountain and Aofong Mountain, which are two big mountains located on the coast line; Gaomei Wetlands, an internationally known tourist attraction; Wuqi Fishing Market and Fishing Harbor; and the Zhuifen railway station that students who will take an examination must visit. All of these places are worth for you visit and revisit! We invite you to come to these places to feel the sea breeze and charm of the coast line!

Coast Line
  • Dajia Dist.
  • Da'an Dist.
  • Waipu Dist.
  • Qingshui Dist.
  • Wuqi Dist.
  • Shalu Dist.
  • Longjing Dist.
  • Dadu Dist.
Travel Tips

Travel Tips

  • There are many renowned delicacies along Taichung’s coast line. For example, Dadu’s watermelons; Qingshui’s garlic chives noodles; Dajia’s shortbreads; and Shalu’s meatball soup.
  • The “success in getting a good grade” ticket that those who will take an examination can be purchased at Zhuifen railway station.
  • Gaomei Wetlands is an international dream destination that everyone must visit at least once in life.
  • The paradise of seafood lovers! Come to Wuqi Fishing Harbor to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood
  • More than the best place to cool off in summer, Daan Beach Park Marina also offers you the opportunity to stay in a luxury camp by the seashore at night.
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