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2023 Houli Cherry Blossom Festival

Posted Date : 2023-02-09 1755
2023 Houli Cherry Blossom Festival
Activity Time
Tai’an Police Station, Houli Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
  • Date:2023/2/18-2023/2/28、2023/3/4-2023/3/5
  • Location:Next to Tai’an Police Station in Houli District

Spring has returned and the earth comes alive with hundreds of flowers blooming in the spring breeze. Following the blooming of cherry blossoms around the countries, people who are fond of flowers are attracted to visit cherry blossom viewing spots to embrace the spring. The 2023 Houli Cherry Blossom Festival will be grandly launched in the most renowned cherry blossom viewing spot – the surrounding areas of Tai’an Police Station – on February 18!

Apart from Tai’an community’s splendid cherry blossoms, visitors can also enjoy the music feast of Saxophone at the Festival. All people are welcome to come to Houli not only to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms, but also to visit local tourist attractions to savor delicacies and buy gifts for your friends and family. The festival provides visitors with itinerary options for eating and fun with surprises everywhere. Let’s enjoy the pink romance amongst cherry blossoms in Taichung!


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