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2023 Taichung Coastline Promotional Activity

Posted Date : 2023-06-09 729
2023 Taichung Coastline Promotional Activity
Activity Time
Da'an Port Mazu Culture Park, Da'an Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
Themed as "Exciting Marine Exploration • Joyful Jia'anpu", this year's event features four distinct exhibition areas: Mazu culture, marine ecology, sand sculpture art, and local culture and history, along with a series of tourism, arts, and cultural activities. Everyone is welcome to participate in this spectacular event.
  • The four distinct exhibition areas
“The Legend of Dajia Mazu”, which is themed on the local Mazu culture and extended to the pilgrimage culture.
“A Crab-Watching Expedition on Jia'anpu Coastline”, which delves into marine environmental education issues from the perspectives of marine ecology.
“Taokas • 53 Villages of Dajia”, which is themed on the tourism resources of the industries of Jia’anpu
An Artistic Journey to the Ocean: A Refreshing Summer Sands Play" presents the remarkable achievements in sand sculpture artistry from the past decade, providing visitors with an opportunity to explore the evolutionary path of the sand sculpture art of Da’an.

Thematic lectures, theatrical and music feasts, hot beats season, lawn concert, cultural and creative market, Da’an getaway, bike tour, and parent-child craft activities are arranged on the weekends during the activity period. This event also features the "Stargazing at Night: AR Whales and Dolphins" activity, where astronomy experts from the National Museum of Natural Science guide visitors to admire the splendor of stars through astronomical telescopes and experience the presence of wandering whales and dolphins using AR technology. This immersive experience allows visitors to uncover the mysteries of Taiwan's precious wildlife and ecosystems.


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