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Tank Park

Posted Date : 2023-09-15 3924


Tank Park is located right next to the end of Tanya Shen Green Bikeway in Zhongyi Village, Daya District. It is a frequently visited tourist attraction featuring three M48A3 tanks that had once served in the war to the armored brigade previously stationed in Ching Chuan Kang for several decades. After retiring from service, the Ministry of Defense approved the Daya District Office to showcase the tanks at the Tank Park for recreation.
When the Korean War began in 1950, the US military found that existing tanks couldn’t deter the Russian-made T-34/85 tanks deployed by North Korea. Hence, M48 tanks were introduced to meet the urgent need for a new type of battle tank. In October 1950, the tank factory in Detroit started designing a new tank equipped with a 90mm gun. In December 1951, Chrysler finalized the prototype and officially released the T-48 tank on July 1st, 1952. The tank was also known as the General Patton tank.


No. 305, Yuexiang Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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