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Nantun Old Street

Posted Date : 2024-05-20 5185


Nantun old street refers to “Litoudian Street” (literally means “the street of coulter stores”). During the Kangxi period of Qing dynasty, immigrants often gathered in this region as the local government recruited people to reclaim the land. This had not only driven the production and sale of coulters and farming tools here, but also turned this place into an exchange center for agricultural products.

Apart from the old “Fude (Earth God) temple” and historic “Wanhe Temple”, Nantun old street also has a number of old buildings aged between 50 to 200 some years old. Visitors are recommended not only to look around the old houses, such as the Taiwanese Hokkien building “Yingtian Hall”, old houses with a Miscanthus roof and “Chiushih Hall” that has a two-storey left-wing building, here, but also to visit old stores on the street, such as “Yongcheng Grocery” that is over 100 years old and other characteristic stores and restaurants. Visitors are expected to discover the historical charm of the old street.


Sec. 2, Nantun Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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