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Niumatou Historic Cultural Park

Posted Date : 2024-04-19 3314


“Niumatou” is the old name of Qingshui District in Taichung City. Named after it, the Niumatou site located on the Aofong Mountain in the region is a representative of Middle Neolithic culture in Centralcentral Taiwan and is known for unearthed red and brown cord-marked pottery.

Apart from introducing and exhibiting the historic site, unearthed relics, and archeological excavation methods, “Niumatou Historic Cultural Park” has preserved the ruins of a Shinto shrine built during the Japanese dominationcolonization period and the military infrastructure, as it was once an army camp. The Park successfully demonstrates its value in displaying education and preserving cultural assets; and let, helping everyone know about the life and development process of human beings in the past in the Centralcentral Taiwan.


No. 59, Aohai Rd., Qingshui Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C
Official website
Official website

Service Facilities

  • Exhibition
  • Toilets
  • Commentator
  • Disabled-accessible toilet
  • Sloped entrance ramp/exit ramp

How to Get There

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