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Taichung Tourism


Golden Wheat Field

Posted Date : 2023-11-20 1229



During its maturing season in March, the wheat field in Taichung' s Daya turns into a golden yellow wave when blown b y the breeze. The wheat stalks bow their head, then stand straight and famously repeat this motion for an enchanting sight.

Daya is home to 90% of Taiwan's wheat harvests, and it's annual cultural festival features wheat as it s marketing theme with installation art of various sizes in addition to wheat fields blowing in the wind. As the cultural festival coincides with the western Valentine's Day , many artworks have a love-related feature. The Daya Wheat Fields have thus become an accidental dating hot spot.

If lucky, you can catch shots of the wheat fields in three stages of its growth as indicated in three colors: green here, chrome yellow, and golden yellow a few hundred meters away. Such wonders of nature are right here in Daya.


Ln. 231, Sec. 1, Shenlin Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City Taiwán, R.O.C

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