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2023 Taichung Jazz Festival

Posted Date : 2023-10-06 1926
2023 Taichung Jazz Festival
2023 Taichung Jazz Festival

Event Date / Time:10/13-10/22
Event Location:People's Square

Known as a very important music brand event and widely praised, the Taichung Jazz Festival is celebrating its 19th anniversary this year. This music extravaganza that will be held for 10 consecutive days promises to be an auditory feast for all. We welcome all of you to join us and enjoy beautiful jazz music under the night sky with your loved ones.

This event features volunteer training, the Taichung Youth Jazz Orchestra tour and flash mobs, and over 20 warm-up performances. We invite visitors from across the nation and around the world to explore the Taichung Jazz Festival in depth. To celebrate this 10-day jazz extravaganza, we have extended special invitations to renowned jazz bands from 10 countries and orchestrated 22 unique jazz performances. Featuring a unique international-standard arrangement enriched with cultural exchanges and an innovative musical ensemble of 'Local X International X Diversity,' this event is not to be missed.



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