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2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival

Posted Date : 2024-02-20 2562
2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival
Date:2/16 Fri. - 2/28 Wed.
Performance Time:
Weekdays: 17:00-21:30
Holidays: 17:00-22:00

The 2024 Central Taiwan Lantern Festival will be unveiled in grand style at Taichung Central Park with the Chinese zodiac dragon sign as the main theme. Its “Bravo”name, a play on the Taiwanese phrase “everything goes well”, highlights the charisma of a wonderful life in Taichung City and best wishes to everyone for a peaceful, joyful Year of the Dragon filled with good fortune and prosperity.
This year’s Lantern Festival, with its theme of “Blessed Living and Sustainable Travels”, offers various spacious settings with marvelous, natural magical scenes. Taichung Central Park’s central water retention basin resembles a swirling dragon, thereby turning the park into a mystical dragon paradise where every lantern area is a dragon’s lair, and every visitor becomes an adventurer, using the map to explore each lantern area to experience Taichung’s resplendent natural and cultural charms as they admire and interact with this event at a close distance.

Main Lantern –Taichung Bravo
主燈-台中龍賀This offers Taiwan’s first-ever mechanical lantern and light show combination parade on the water! The Central Taiwan Lantern Festival’s main “Taichung Bravo”lantern transforms Central Park’s water retention basin into a theater stage, with a mystical dragon swirling over the basin’s water-land boundary. The main dragon lantern, 76 meters long and 27 meters wide, includes a performance with  dancers rotating, throwing and catching illuminated cubes to portray a dragon having fun with dragon balls and joins a mobile carrier over the water of about 150 meters to present a splendid main lantern show.

Main Lantern Show Time
One show per hour 18:00-21:00 between 2/16 (Fri.) and 2/25 (Sun.).

馬卡龍燈區_0Enter this pink world and experience the feeling of being surrounded by sweetness! Section 2, Dunhua Road has been transformed into a world of macarons with bright colors and all kinds of desserts, allowing you  to immerse yourself in sweet Macaron happiness!

Forest in the Dream
夢境森林燈區_0Using flourishing oriental creatures as the foundation, all kinds of blessed elements are presented in combination with vivid colors and lights together with existing flowers and trees to create an overall tranquil ambience, realistic and surreal at the same time, for visitors to enjoy.

Who’s Bluffing
誰在呼攏燈區_0The Year of the Dragon is here again after 12 years and all disciples of the dragon are summoned with KUSO fun as a design theme. All organisms related to the dragon have been restyled and we invite everyone to find out how many “dragons” there are in the Who’s Bluffing lantern area!

Lantern Fun for Little Backpacker
小小backpacker賞燈趣燈區_0Check out this colorful world of lights and shadows. Isn’t it filled with mystery and imagination? Little Backpackers, you are welcome to join us in a magical world of reading and have fun admiring the lanterns!

Heart of Green Valley
翠谷之心燈區_0Come explore the Heart of Green Valley! This mystical planet is hidden with magical encounters! Follow adventurer Leopard Cat to learn about the ways to get along with nature and join an adventure with the guardian butterfly. Let ‘s ignite the light of life together on this land by respecting nature and promoting energy saving and carbon reduction!

Party All Night Long
party龍燈_0The first-ever “Taichung Bravo (Party All Night Long)” lantern party is designed exclusively for Taichung’s 29 administrative districts against the background of a LOHAS city to spotlight local characteristics. Splendid weekend activities have been organized, welcoming everyone to Party All Night Long!

Alternate Dimension of Dragon
龍之異次元燈區_0We have crossed space and time to pursue the myths of the unknown world! A vague shadow hides amongst the clouds and mist, as a white dragon represents prosperity at the Ego Field and the mysterious Four-Element Lantern Area awaits heavenly guests. Let’s attain good fortune in our explorations and enjoy a prosperous Year of the Dragon!


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