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Taichung Tourism


Riverside Bikeways System

Riverside Bikeways System



Xitun District, Nantun District, Beitun District, Fengyuan District, Dali District, Taiping District, Qingshui District, Wuri District, Shengang District, Daya District, Wufeng District, Tanzi District, Da'an District


Mountain Route, City Route, Coastal Route, Tun area

Length of route




Height above sea level


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Route highlights

Starting Point:HSR Taichung Station Ending Point:HSR Taichung Station

The Riverside Bikeways System is totally 123 kilometers in length. It is a circular bikeway system that connects many bikeways in Taichung and on the riverbanks, including Wu River, Dali River, Hanxi River, Dajia River, and Fazi River. Please consider your physical abilities when deciding whether you want to finish the full course. Visitors can also plan a multi-day biking trip, using Riverside Bikeways System as a link to other bikeways and attractions, to enjoy Taichung to its fullest.

Western Museum New Palace 1945 has thousands of pieces of artwork on display that come from Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and private collections, offering a fabulous experience of western culture.

Taichung Metropolitan Park is located on the ridge of Dadu Mountain (Dadu Plateau). It covers a vast area and offers magnificent view. Visitors can overlook Taichung Basin and enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful city. Or they can see Taiwan Strait from afar, with Taichung Port and the sailing ships clearly visible. It is the second large-scale urban park after Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park. Visitors can take a nice walk here with their pets.

Pre-trip preparation

It is recommended to bring drinking water in personal bottles.

It is recommended that you bring sunproof clothing, hats, and handkerchiefs in summer, and windproof jackets in winter.

It is recommended to wear shoes that are easy to move and exercise in.

Suitable for


Highlight category

Bike around Taichung, and enjoy the outdoors.


Cycler’s station



Bike rental station


Vistor tips

This bikeway system goes around Taichung City, offering many attractions along the way. Visitors can plan as many individualized itineraries as they can think of.

It consists of multiple bikeways and connects to several railway stations in Taichung. Visitors can easily plan a biking trip and enjoy the city freely.


The ride is long, so you are recommended to consider the required time and your physical strength.

Please observe the park rules, preserve the ecology, and use the park facilities with care.

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